Smash thru to victory, We'll cheer you as you go;

Our honor defend, So we'll fight to the end

For O hi o

Buckeye Battle Cry: written by Frank Crumit in 1919

How We keep it Simple


Order your Silencer or NFA firearm. Decide if you will purchase as an individual or as a trust.

Step 2

We'll complete all the paper work for you. Send it to you for signatures along with a checklist. Send it back to us.

" All Firearms will Ship to FFL Dealer of your Choice "

Step 3

We finalize and submit your application for you. Now wait for approval. Approval times vary.

AAC Element2 Rimfire

Our Price: $479.00
BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio (Black)

List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Savings: $10.00

Contact Us

Buckeye Silencers

705 Weger ave.

Elida, Ohio 45807

P: (419) 604-0353

What we Offer

FFL Transfers

Find us on,, or check the FFL dealer near you link. Contact us and we'll handle the rest. Buy or Sell your guns online and let us be your agent. Our flexible schedule allows us to meet at easy and convenient times.

FFL transfers inbound from dealers are

$20 for 1st item and $5 each add.

FFL transfers outbound are $10 each
item plus applicable postage.

SOT/Class III inbound transfers - $50

(not yet available)


eZ-Pay Plan allows you to begin the ATF paperwork immediately while you make four affordable payments (a down payment plus three equal monthly payments) while your NFA items are pending ATF approval. Submitting your down payment of at least 25% of your purchases total or $250, whichever is more, allows us to file your transfer paperwork with the ATF while you pay off your balance over three months.



Consider the goal of the trust. Are you trying to get a suppressor in the shortest amount of wait time or do you have a large collection that you want to leave a loved one. You should consider a gun TRUST to eliminate finger printing and Sheriff sign-off for NFA firearms.

We are not lawyers and do not have specific answers to legal questions about trusts. As with all things legal...please consult with a state specific attorney on this. Visit for some invaluable education on NFA firearms.